Elefante Green Gold™

The pineapple that
melts in your mouth

Elefante Green Gold™

" The pineapple that
melts in your mouth "



This pineapple is known as the “Sugar Loaf” a name that truly reflects the taste! It has a soft white flesh that is incredibly aromatic and sweet with almost no acidity. Its refreshingly sweet taste is accented with subtle flavor notes of honey that leave those who taste it craving for more. The core is completely edible. Available in the natural beautiful emerald green or golden color.
Available year-round in the traditional 11kg Pineapple box

Signature Series

Our luxury offering for the special occasion and perfect gift, the Elefante Green Gold Pineapple Luxe Box. This box is an eye catcher with its undeniable presence and show stopping looks. Each Luxe box comes with a single, carefully selected pineapple. Our luxe box is locally made and designed and is 100% recyclable. This luxury offering can be found in premium grocery stores around the world.

The Story of Sugar Loaf

The “Sugar Loaf” pineapple is considered extremely rare and exotic. It is native to Ghana and only a handful of countries in the world produce this type of pineapple.

Its story goes way back; Ghana’s climate is ideal for pineapple cultivation. Just like most agricultural produce in Ghana, Sugar Loaf is a commonly grown fruit by many smaller and bigger farms and can be found on most markets locally.

It originating in Ghana, makes it a more sustainable production, the fruit requires less natural resources and is naturally more resilient comparing with other cultivars. It is characterised by its taller and slimmer shape and convinces with a beautiful green shell and a soft white fruit flesh.


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