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Adinkra Symbols

These beautiful symbols have it’s origin in West Africa and its symbolism thrives until today. Each pineapple sold in our signature luxe box proudly “wears” one of these symbols, a souvenir from us to you!

What is an Adinkra symbol?
‘Adinkra’ is a symbolic language and visual representation of wisdom originating in West Africa, from the Akan people of Ghana. These symbols’ express various themes about the beliefs in the Akan culture, usually they represent proverbs with historical or philosophical meaning. Originally the Adinkra cloths were worn by royals, but meanwhile the symbolism transpired onto all kinds of objects. You can find them appearing on jewellery, home decor wooden objects and clothes. Literally translated “Adinkra” means “Fare-well” or “Good-bye”, so they make the peect souvenir to our pineapples!

What makes an Adinkra special?
They are an important part of the Ghanaian culture and represent values from the 18 hundreds, when they were originally created. Each symbol has its own unique meaning; the range is wide; from about life and death, nature, strength to love, all kinds of wisdom is visualized. The Adinkra symbols are deeply anchored in the culture of Ghana until today, that’s what makes it impressive!

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Asase Ye Duru is an Adinkra symbol that represents power, divinity, providence, and importance of Mother Earth for human life. To the Akans, it’s a reminder to nurture and respect the Earth.

What is Asase Ye Duru?
Asase Ye Duru is one of the most popular West African symbols that literally means ‘the earth has weight’. It’s formed from two heart-like shapes placed on top of one another, with the points facing in opposite directions.

Symbolism of Asase Ye Duru
Asase Ye Duru is considered a sacred symbol of divinity, power, and providence. The Akans regard it as a symbol of the earth’s significance and a reminder that humans should respect the earth, and not act in ways that could harm it. The earth sustains life, so it’s crucial that we take care of it, leaving behind a clean, safer, and sustainable environment for future generations. The Asase Ye Duru symbol also represents the Earth goddess in Akan religion.

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